Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vests and Ties Have Finally Arrived

Airpak Express took almost a week but I'm so glad that our choral speaking vests and ties are finally here. I paid for these myself. Each set cost approximately RM30. So altogether for 35 students I have dug deep into my pocket and paid a staggering RM1,050. I know that I could have asked for money from the school or other sources, but I have thought this through and decided to use a portion of my tuition money instead. I hope this investment will pay off. We will use these uniforms for years to come. It makes me happy when kids enjoy learning English.


alhamdulillah, sbg guru mmg kita x kaya harta, tp segala yg kita korbankan utk anak2 didik kita bakal mendpt ganjaran kelak, sama ada kita sedari atau tidak. semoga teacher ainul teruskan dgn amalan murni ini demi kejayaan mereka.

Terima kasih atas sokongan dan galakan. InsyaAllah semoga Allah berikan semangat dan kekuatan kepada semua yg bergelar pendidik..

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