Monday, April 1, 2013

Every Child is a Star

Everyone is a star.
There is a Hindi movie directed and starred by Aamir Khan called Taare Zameen Par (I hope I spelled that correctly) which means 'every child is special'. I haven't watched the whole movie, I only did so halfway on YouTube, but long enough to know that it is a good movie for a teacher to watch. An important lesson from the movie is that there are hidden potentials in each child. There are no such thing as an incorrigible child. No matter how naughty, lazy or stubborn a child is, they become so for some reasons. Unfold their stories, you might be surprised what they have to go through at home. Understand them, show them that you care. It is hard but if a teacher is willing to sacrifice, there are wonderful things in each and every child. If they're not good academically, teach them something that they could be good at. Something they might need later in life. Teach them values, teach them to be good citizens. Please don't give up on them. Remember, it is always the people that least deserve your love that need it the most. Every child is a star, in their own way.

And here's a song for you to enjoy.


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