Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 MELTA-Smart Kids Way with Words Competition

Never underestimate the power of confidence. It will make you or break you.
Honestly, when I registered my students for the 2013 MELTA-Smart Kids Way with Words competition, my only goals were that this competition would give them experience, expose them to a new way of seeing English, give them a chance to compete with other schools in an English competition and above all, let them have fun while learning English. I never expected they would win a prize, considering the other schools who was participating were mostly 'elite' urban schools and convent schools. They are clearly out of our league. Obviously, I have underestimated my own students. They had no idea who they were competing with and to them, those kids were just kids like them and like any other kids, they can beat them. And guess what, they did. Against all odds, my Year 4 students won the second prize. I couldn't be any prouder, considering that all the other teams were mostly Year 6 students from elite schools. Such an amazing feat that was. The organizer even asked how old are my students, and when I told her 10, even she was shocked.

Anyway, huge congratulations to Irfan Syafiq, Zareq Iskandar and Muhammad Zulfikry for winning the second prize in the competition. Congratulations as well to 'Adlin Nabila, Amirul Zarfan and Muhammad Nasrul Hakim for qualifying into the final round. Not to forget Nur Filzah Naqiyah, Nurilya Natasya and Nurin Irdina for the spirit they showed in the competition. You guys are all champions to me.

My students (youngest kids on the right) with their prize. First prize went to SK Sri Tebrau (middle) and third prize won by SK Infant Jesus Convent (left).

All the three teams from SK Kopok.


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