Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life of Pi

When my sisters were here last week, we went to watch "Life of Pi". It is a movie of how an Indian boy called Pi survived a ship wreck in the Pacific, after being stranded on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. 

So basically here's the summary of what I like and what I don't like about the movie.

What I like:
  1. The way the story is told. I didn't read the novel, nor do I think I ever will. So I think I should make it clear that this is from the point of view of someone who was introduced to the storyline for the first time. I think it's nice that they let the story sort of unfolds as the movie progresses. It provides the suspense element at the beginning when the older Pi was telling the story about his adventure in the Pacific. I think this keeps that audience alert.
  2. The emphasis on equality - culture, religion, etc. If you have watched the movie, I'm sure you can find some examples of this. Right now I'm just too lazy to list them down.
  3. The CGI - This is partly because of what I heard that the CGI was made by Malaysian companies. So, my opinion on this is quite bias.
  4. The comedy parts are actually quite entertaining.
...and here's what I don't like:
  1. "The Pacific" being way too calm in most parts of the movie. I'm not sure if anyone else realises this, but it is obvious. I know the film was shot in a Taiwanese pool, but at least they should make some efforts to make "the Pacific" more real.
  2. For those who like action movies, this movie could be boring.
Overall, I think "Life of Pi" is worth watching.

Oh, if you're planning to watch it, here's an interesting overview.


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